What do you see at the search bar when you ask Google what is loneliness? I wrote my findings in my mind, below but there is not so much things at the Google. Therese words are coming at the first page being alonestaying aloneisolation… when you search on it at Google.


The most impressed one is “desolitation” for me. When you search for the word “desolitation” at Turkish resources, you will find the meaning of “possession”, “ownership”. In the original & Turkish version the word is  “ıssızlık”. The root of this word is “ıs”, it means owner. When you say “ıssızlık”, it means somewhere/something/someone who has no body.  When you search it at English resources, the feeling of physical or social isolation is called loneliness. There is an isolated person in both languages and they have feelings face against it.


In today’s world, we mostly rely on solitude to physical conditions; Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi has put the point in this regard. The man almost dissed from the 1400s to the present with these words: “The worst ofHOT loneliness is to be among those who do not understand you.” The second most important comment on this subject came from Carl Gustav Jung in the 1880s, in fact he also sait the same: “Loneliness does not mean that there are no people around. A person feels alone when he cannot convey what he cares about to others or has some views that others find impossible.


I would say “Loneliness is not an emotional reaction related or against to physical isolation for me.”, before i searched on loneliness. But i saw loneliness is a physical reaction both as i researched and also thought of examples i felt lonely. I mean, when I look at the background of my emotions, I found that basically there is no one to share my emotion and thoughts is not physically there. This emotion  or thoughts are including being physically alone and also feeling alone in the crowds

Maybe it is kind of chicken translate, because these quote belongs to a philosopher named Şems Tebrizi and it is hard to translate. but meaning is almost like that: someone comes and makes you the one (it means helps/creates your real personalty..something like this) and someone comes and makes you lose yourself.

I would not think that i would feel the Renaissance Revival in my mind with a hot water bottle but, it is strange that the feeling of loneliness comes with the hot water bottle put on your bed. Until that time, I always thought I was not afraid of loneliness. I heard this sentence more than others. You may have thought that if you read up to here, I will say “I was afraid”. No it is not. I was not quite afraid.


My circle was always crowded, but like everyone else, I also felt lonely for the crowd. I think most of us has felt same at some point in his/her life. But, some of us do not get stuck on it, some of us remains stuck.

After all, “the world is a hell for sensitive hearts. -Goethe.” But when you did not get stuck on that feeling, when you do not get depressed with the feeling of loneliness, you get used to it. And once, you get used to loneliness, you are not afraid it any more. Loneliness both liberates and aggravates the burden. You are free to do what you want and also you do not have to take account into any one. But does this sentence remind you are lonely, does not it? The biggest and the only plus for being alone is that you have no responsibilities to any one. But human being is a socialized animal and you need to be strong and different from the rest of the herd with your hearth and also with your menthality

I do not think no one is totally different with each of us. Most of people thinks being toughstrongdurable..are features that enrich people. As far as i can see,  to speak up and share your emotions, act as how you feel is more powerfull. 

We are physically alone in some periods of our lives and depending on the extent of this loneliness, we can feel down and also free. I have a close friend who said “I was feeling so lonely that I was looking for someone to share the apple I cut” when she was talking about her loneliness. I felt the same when i put the hot water bottle into the bed. I am not sure how it is said in English exactly but this is the part that you feel hurt by loneliness.

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