Have you ever wanted to say something to someone and never say? It became mine. It did not happen much, but part up to now was enough.

There two different type of not to say something to someone. First, you want to say, but you don’t think and change your voice. The second one is about the person you are going to say. You may not want to hurt, break, or even if you say it, you think it will not understand, and never mind. Sometimes you hear a song, a smell…that kind of things makes us remember what we can’t say… That moments makes you feel overloaded and this overload feelings Your soul does not want to speak, now it is worse than ever.


What you can’t say is on the tip of your tongue just like  at the eleventh hour* (*we have an idiom in Turkish, we say when the egg lays on the chicken’s ass…- because it is impossible not the lay for the chicken- instead of the eleventh hour.), if your friends are with you, it is also a different problem.

At heart, I am not sure if it is a problem or not. Because you have something to say but words are not enough. It is not related how you are literateness, when you opened your mouth to speak, words are knotted in your throat. The more you have to say, the lower your voice will be.


It is argued whether the situation I call down as trail away here is actually not being able to say it, is not having the courage to say it, or whether it is just comforting yourself and bothering the other party. I’m not sure either. But all that I know, it is that you carry the words in your pocket and those same words actually weigh in on your soul. But if you say, they bother the person you talked to or if you don’t say, now it is your turn to be bothered.

I have read that the stress can distrupt even the DNA of us so, people say that don’t keep your stressful emotions in silence with you. In a sense, when you get rid of your stress, you are just saying that “ok now you keep carring my stress”.


Growing up, erasing a whole paragraph and then text back “ok”. Some of us think so…. In fact, it is not okay although I thought how it was so okay at the first moment. To grow has two parts. One of them is take the responsibility of what you have to say on the contrary; It is to be able to say what’s on your mind but if you think it will not work, the second part is to digest it. I warn, it may be more difficult to get over than to say.


Words you can’t say does not spring to mind every time. But when they occur, always it is the worst moment. So, when is the best time what you can’t say? Personally, hey you are on my page, so it is entirely up to me, if it was a suitable moment to speak up, you would have said it and there would not be any issue that you could not say.

Welcome, all around here is mindfuck.

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