White light, closed windows, anaerobic area, wall to wall carpet, radiation, noise and all kinds of people… If you swear with your small voice or you are saying by yourself “ok, do i have any contribution to your birth..”with the most polite version, Welcome, you are at the office.

You are feeling allright until you arrive but what is that? Headache starts after one hour, unnecessary hunger, want smoking…Then there is a shorth break to headache with the luch and then goin again. Your battery is almost end of your shift, you dont wanna do anything even after your shift… But, when the work is over, you are outside of building… with fresh air, your energy is coming back. Same everyday.  This is the Office Allergy.


Checklist to Relief the Office Allergy

  • Drink water
  • Take a break
  • Breath
  • Walk, move in the office and flip someone off if you need.

I am sure it all works but we should accept that our menthalty has an objection to working life. Primitives were hunter-gatherer and since the day we evolved on our two legs, we could not straighten. Our species are not suitable to office, our bodies are sending signals so, we have Office Allergy.

What should we do?
It sounds cliche but you need to leave the problemds at work. Dont bring your Daily business problems with you to the home. There is no benefit thinking of work at home. You should be happy in a place which you spent 8h at least. If you are not happy, quit and find another one. It is easy to talk about it for me, so I can say anything. 


Do not you like your collegues? Fuck. Ask yourself what is the position of all that people in my life. How impotant they are? Are they more important than my family, friends.. or than my cat home? Sure you love some of them but you dont wanna see most of them in your personal life. So, i repeat it: Fuck.

Do you over stressed? Think why you are so stressfull. You are over thinking about business probably. Are you that kind of person, are you a dramatic cancer? Repeat after me: Is it my fucking family business?

It is ironic to complete the post with love but,


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